Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Mind map: The scientific way of note-taking

How do you take note? Do you want to remember easily what is written in a note? Do you searching scientific technique to make your note-taking more interesting and effective? If the answer is yes, you should know about the mind map.

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a scientific way of note-taking. It is based on how the mind works or the brain's natural way of functioning or radiant thinking. It structures pieces of information visually through creative and logical means. It organizes the ideas and concept that goes inside our mind. As compared with traditional note-taking methods or a linear text, it is highly effective.

In a traditional note-taking method, you simply write words, phrases, sentences etc line by line. It is very ineffective, and it does not help you remember when it is required. But you do note-taking to remember. If it doesn't work properly, you should look for another method to make it more effective.

For this, you should use your right and left brain properly. In the traditional method, there is the only use of the left brain, so it cannot be effective. Effective note-taking requires to utilize right mind also. This is why you forget easily what is written in traditional note-taking. In case, if you remember, it is only short term memory. It causes you anxiety and boredom.

The question is how to make note-taking using both the right and left brain? How to make note-taking pleasurable with long-term memory? The answer is in mind mapping. It utilises both right and left mind.

The benefits of mind map

1. It helps to remember pieces of information of note-taking since it is in long-term memory.
2. It helps to collect information with pleasure since it is brain-friendly concepts.
3. It helps to think with crystal clear.
4. It makes you creative and organizes concept and ideas systematically.
5. It saves time.
6. It helps to unlock the huge potentiality of the brain.
7. It is a very effective tool for problem-solving.
8. It helps in planning, analyzing, brainstorming etc.

How to draw a Mind Map? 

There are different ways to make mind mapping. All rests on the same foundational ideas. You can use different softwares.
Mind map.

1. Keep the main theme in the centre and radiates from the centre.
2. Like a spider web, draw a sub-thems radiating from the centre.

You can use line, keyword, symbols, images etc harmoniously with a brain(see figure.). The brain thinks by imagination and association. Use keyword instead of sentences. Associations are often drawn as curved lines rather than straight because the brain likes curves.


Mind mapping is very useful. It works because it stimulates the right and left brain. The brain works in a radiant way. Mind mapping is based on radiant thinking. The tradition note taking is based on a linear way. So, it is very limited. By using mind mapping, you can boost creativity and memory.


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