Friday, July 31, 2020

1 best trick to memorize vocabulary using right and left brain

Vocabulary is very important to learn a new language. The more words you know, the better your ability to understand and speak the language. How can you memorize word meaning quickly and easily? Are you feeling difficulties in memorizing? Are you searching for any trick that will help you to memorize faster? If yes, this article is for you. 
Learning vocabulary.
Left brain and right brain

To boost your memory, you have to know little about how the brain. How the left brain and right brain works. The left brain is logical mind and the right brain is imaginative. To increase memory, you need to use both sides of the brain. Left brain process word information and right brain process image information. Before going to know about how to use both brains for memory, I want you to focus on the power of the image. 

Haber experiment

Ralph Haber conducted an experiment to check the brain's ability to recognise the pictures. He prepared a series to 2560 photographic slides and presented each person every image for 10 seconds. The accuracy of recognition was 85 to 95%. He conducted a second experiment with one slide every second, but the result was identical. He conducted the third experiment, slides as a mirror image, the result again was identical.

He concluded, "Recognition of the image is actually perfect. The results would probably have been the same if we had used 25000 pictures instead of 2500."

From the above experiment, you can be sure that your brain can recognize myriad memory of pictures, i.e. almost limitless. This is why a picture can worth a thousand words. 

How the brain works.

The human brain thinks primarily with images and their association. You know that left-brain process in word and right brain process in the image. Both brains are connected. So, if the brain can recognise limitless images, this implies you can also recognise limitless words. Theoretically, this proves if a left brain and right brain are harmoniously combined, you can learn vocabulary in very less time. You can increase learning speed in an unimagined way.    

One example 

I want to share you one example, suppose you want to remember the meaning of the word "Antipathy"= "a feeling of strong dislike towards someone or something." Break down the word as "Anti" and "pathy". Create a story to create an image and association.  "Anti means opposed.  He wants to move in his own way, but when he has to move in the anti(opposite) path, he dislikes it."  When you hear the word antipathy, it triggers the story and gives meaning.


You can try this method to remember any vocabulary. It is one of the best tricks to memorize vocabulary. It can increase learning speed. It makes you feel pleasure while learning. This method stores information in long-term memory. Because it activates both right and left brain.


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