Friday, December 4, 2020

All Beauty is a function of Mind.

We all attract to beauty. Beauty can exist everywhere. It is not only experienced when seeing a beautiful girl. It is experienced in non-human as well. In this article, I am going to explore how all beauty is a function of the mind. What happens in your mind when you see the beauty around? 

All beauty gives pleasure.

When you see beauty, it releases dopamine in mind. It is a feel-good neurotransmitter. So you feel pleasure in seeing beauty. 

According to a biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, “When you see an attractive person, the left ventral tegmental area of the brain becomes active and will pump out dopamine." This implies all beauty releases dopamine chemical. 

Whether you see a beautiful girl or natural scene, or any object, it releases dopamine. Fisher claims, "Dopamine is a stimulant to the brain, so some people might react with surprise or awkwardness."  Dopamine makes you exciting and serves to you to focus on.  All beauty changes brain chemistry, giving a feeling of pleasure. 

All beauty reduces thoughts. 

The more thoughts in our mind, the more stress.  The lesser thoughts, the more pleasure. Children are more pleasure than adults because children have fewer thoughts as compared with adults. 

Our mind is bombarded with thousands of thoughts consciously and unconsciously. According to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California, the average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute and total 70,000 thoughts per day. 

All beauty tends to focus.  When you focus, you differentiate all the other thoughts. Your mind is not scattered. Ultimately, all beauty reduces thoughts. Due to the lesser thought phenomena in mind, all beauty can give a feeling of pleasure. 

All beauty fades ego. 

The more you are attached with ego or self-identity, the more stressful you are. Ego blocks the pleasure. Comparatively, fakir has less ego than normal people. This is the reason why fakir experiences a more blissful moment than normal people. 

When you see any beauty, even for a second you forget your self-identity. You forget who you are. So all beauty helps to fade ego away. 

All beauty brings meditative state

Simply speaking, meditation means to be in the present moment. The present moment is always blissful. When you try to live with more past, it brings depression. When you try to live with more future, it creates anxiety. An enlightened person lives in the present moment. It is timelessness.

When you see beauty, for a moment you forget the past and future. It means your mind is free from anxiety and depression. So all beauty creates joy and blissful moment.


All beauty avoids negative judgement

The positive judgement makes you happy, bring inner peace and strength. The negative judgement makes you weak and stressful. If there is a negative judgement, there is no acceptance.  The more acceptance, the more chance of blissful moment.


Why couple experience more joy and blissful moment before than after marriage? Because before marriage they accept each other. But after marriage, negative judgement tends to ring around them. There is no acceptance. All beauty brings acceptance which brings pleasurable moment. 


From the above analysis, all beauty gives pleasurable and blissful moment. Beauty attracts you. Because it reduces your thoughts. It fades your ego. It brings you in a meditative state; timelessness. It brings a moment of acceptance. Whether human or non-human, all beauty should meet the above conditions. If not, beauty doesn't matter. Beauty will not be beauty. This implies, all beauty is a function of the mind. 


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