Thursday, July 13, 2023

Harnessing Ancestral Power in Gurung Culture

When illness strikes, the Gurung people turn to a powerful source of healing—their ancestors and nature. In Gurung culture, shamans known as Pachyu, Khlebree, and Bonpo lam possess unique skills to tap into ancestral power through rituals. 

In this article, we will explore the profound significance of ancestral worship in healing, understanding how neglecting this connection can leave us disconnected from their power, causing misfortune and leaving us vulnerable to the influence of evil spirits.

The Gurung community holds a deep belief that ancestral power plays a crucial role in their well-being. Shamans, who serve as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms, harness the energy and guidance of the ancestors through their rituals. For the Gurungs, ancestral worship is not merely a tradition but a lifeline for healing and protection.

The Power of Ancestral Healing

When we worship our ancestors, we acknowledge and tap into their power, which has the potential to bring about profound healing. The rituals performed by Gurung shamans serve as a conduit for this energy, channelling it to restore balance and harmony within the individual and the community. By connecting with the power of our ancestors, we open ourselves up to their wisdom and seek their intervention in times of illness and adversity.

The Consequence of Neglecting Ancestors

If we neglect to honour and worship our ancestors, we risk severing the connection to their power. When their power loses meaning to us, the rituals lose their significance as well. In doing so, we lose the very essence of our healing practices. 

The ancestors, who expect our respect, may become displeased, leading to potential misfortune and the inability to receive their blessings. We also leave ourselves vulnerable to the influence of evil spirits, lacking the protective shield that ancestral connection provides.

Rekindling the Ancestral Connection

To re-establish the ancestral connection, we must reinstate our reverence for our ancestors. By recognizing their power and the significance of their presence in our lives, we can regain their favour and benefit from their healing influence. This means actively participating in ancestral worship rituals, showing gratitude, and seeking their guidance in times of need.


In Gurung culture, the healing connection with our ancestors is a fundamental aspect of well-being. By acknowledging and embracing their power, we tap into a source of healing that transcends the physical realm. Neglecting this connection not only severs our ties to ancestral wisdom but also leaves us vulnerable to misfortune and the influence of evil spirits.

Let us remember the importance of honouring and worshipping our ancestors, recognizing the invaluable role they play in our healing and protection. By restoring this ancestral connection, we invite their blessings and guidance into our lives, creating a harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual realms.

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