Monday, January 16, 2023

Financescape : The flow of money

The financescape is a term coined by Indian-American anthropologist Arjun Appadurai which encompasses a wide range of financial transactions and activities, including international trade, investment, and banking. The financescape is shaped by global economic systems, policies, and institutions, and it is constantly changing as new financial technologies, practices, and regulations are developed and adopted. 

The financescape is an essential aspect of the contemporary world, as it plays a central role in shaping economic interactions and relationships at the global level. The ability of money to move quickly across borders and the interconnectivity of global business networks allows for a more interconnected and globalized economic landscape. 

In this context, the financescape can be seen as a key driver of globalization, as it enables the flow of capital and goods across borders, and fosters economic interdependence among nations. 

Appadurai argues that the unpredictability of global capital flows contributes to an overall unpredictability of all the five aspects of global cultural flows (ethnoscape, technoscape, financescape, mediascape, and ideoscape) as a whole. 

fig: the flow of money

The fluidity and non-isomorphic nature of global capital flows mean that it can move quickly and unpredictably across borders, in response to changes in economic conditions and opportunities. This can lead to rapid changes in the global economic landscape and can have significant impacts on different regions and cultures.

It's also important to consider the impacts of the global capital movement on the stability of the financial system. The unpredictability of global capital flows can contribute to financial instability, as it can lead to sudden shifts in investment patterns and capital flight. 

This can have negative impacts on the economies of countries, particularly developing ones, as it can lead to economic downturns, currency fluctuations, and political instability. 

In conclusion, the financescape is not only about the flow of money and global business networks across borders, but also about how it shapes and is shaped by economic, political and social interactions and relationships at the global level, and how it contributes to the overall unpredictability of the global cultural flows as a whole.


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