Friday, October 16, 2020

Mechanical and Organic Solidarity

Solidarity is very significant in human society to fulfill different needs and desires. It can maintain social equality and justice. It can be a tool for peace and harmony. Ultimately, it leads to sustainable  holistic development in society. A different social scientist attempts to describe how and why peoples bind together in society.  According to Durkheim, there are two types of solidarity. 1. Mechanical solidarity and 2. Organic solidarity. 

Mechanical and organic solidarity

1. Mechanical solidarity

In mechanical solidarity, connection, cohesion and integration are born from the homogeneity of individuals. It is based on likeness or sameness of people. People are connected with each other through similar thought and feeling. They have a similar religious view, lifestyle, belief and values. This kinds of solidarity can be found in a simple society or traditional society with a small density of population.  It is mainly based on kinship and low division of labor. Peoples perform similar work. Peoples have collective consciousness which is the common belief and values which causes individuals to cooperate with each other. It is guided by repressive law. In this solidarity, there is a higher social integration between individuals. 

2. Organic solidarity

In organic solidarity,  connection, cohesion and integration born form interdependence between the peoples. Peoples bind each other to perform the specific task even though their values and belief are different. It is not based on kinship. It is based on the division of labor. Solidarity is created between differences. People have different belief and values. This kind of solidarity can be found in a complex society or in modern/industrial society which is of large density of population. It arises due to professional dependence. This kind of solidarity serves the need of individual rather than of groups. It is based on the complex division of labor as compared to mechanical solidarity. It is guided by restitutive law. In this solidarity, there is lower social integration between individuals. 


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