Tuesday, June 30, 2020

1 best morpheme to learn Gurung language

Language is a means of communication and an integral part of the culture. No human society cannot be imagined without language. I am going to share one of the most important morpheme of the Gurung language. It helps you to know and learn the Gurung language faster. You can build new words and convey a different meaning. 

Structural linguistics examines the rules of language and the relationship between language and human thought patterns. It identifies phone, phoneme, morpheme, syntax and semantics as a universal component of language. 


A morpheme is the smallest unit of language which gives the meaning to the word. It helps to create a new word and meaning. For example,  when 's' is added to the word 'cat', it changes its meaning. It denotes plural form. When 'un' is added before the word 'able', it gives the opposite meaning.  

Morpheme helps to learn the language faster. To learn any new language, it is very necessary to know the morphemes of that language. Morphemes are of two types.
 i. Free morpheme (gives meaning itself)
ii. Bounded morpheme(does not give meaning itself)
Learning Gurung language.
Gurung Morpheme

To identify one of the most important Gurung morphemes, I am going to show you a few examples

1. aa+yadho (Go) = aayadho (Don't go)
2. aa+ chadho (Eat) = aachadho (Don't eat)
3. aa + krodho (Cry) = aakrodho (Don't cry)
4. aa + bidho (Say) = aabidho (Don't say)
5. aa + pradho (Walk) = aapradho (Don't walk)

[aa + Gurung word (verb) ] = opposite meaning

You can see, when 'aa' is added before the word(verb), it gives the opposite meaning. In Gurung language, 'aa' itself doesn't give any meaning. But when added to word, gives new meaning. So, it is a bound morpheme.  

Learn the Gurung language faster.

The bound morpheme 'aa' is very common in the Gurung language. So, if you are aware of it, it tends to familiarize many Gurung words. You can create many word and meaning by using it. Adding in any verb gives the opposite meaning. Whenever you listen to word with this morpheme from Gurung native speaker, you can easily guess the new meaning by removing it. Those who are interested to learn the Gurung language, I believe this morpheme is very useful.

You can learn more about morphemes in this vedio.


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